Benefits of Securitas ePay is a payroll online system that can be used by the company. It is an automated website that use for both employers and employees on payroll. You don’t need any more the traditional way of preparing it. You will enjoy the Paperless Pay system. Here are the benefits which a standard printed payslips cannot give you:image1

  1. It can save money. The employers do not need any more the payslip and distribute them to their employees. All they need is to ask them to sign in with the paystub website. The return of investment using the online system is fast. The company don’t have to spend preparing and delivering payslips in the traditional way. It eliminates not just papers but as well as the workload of someone to spend on more productive task. Just sign in to Securitas epay login page and you can see all the things you wanted to know about your own payroll.
  2. Employees can also have benefits. Employees prefer the benefits given by the online pay stub feature than the traditional way. There was a survey conducted in a company that is using the current system. The 62 percent of the employees picked the online pay stub than the printed one.
  3. Accessible anytime and anywhere. With this online system, you can access any information regarding the payroll of your employees anytime you want and anywhere there is an internet connection. You don’t need to dig out information from the files in your cabinet. All you need is the search engine method and you can view the history of a certain employee.
  4. Can be customized according to what you want. The one in charged with the preparation of payroll can customize how the pay stub looks like to be printed. There are lots of templates, colors and structure that are free to use than the traditional way of doing it.

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Online Payroll System for Small Businesses

If you are a small business who is concern about paying your employees accurately and on time, there are solutions for you. One would be using online payroll service such as adp ipay which allows you to easily manage the payroll by yourself and do not need to require a third party service for the payment to be done. If your company is planning to buy a payroll system, the first thing to consider is the budget of the company. It is vital to buy a system in which fits your budget and maintain the support and compliance of the payroll of your company. Here are the reasons why a company with online payroll benefits from those who do it manually.image

  1. Reduced the labor costs. The online payroll system eliminates hiring a payroll officer that would do one by one manually computing the salaries of the employees. Instead of dealing too much with the payroll, you can use the person in other productive work.
  2. Accuracy. Online payroll such as adp ipay will eliminate some of the human errors that happened during the computation time. The system will be the one to calculate the salary of each employee so it will keep the errors minimal.
  3. Speed. The system will automatically calculate all the salaries of the employees which are quicker than doing it one by one. It will only take a few minutes and you can now generate payslips. All you need is put the number of hours the employee worked and then it will calculate the salary for you.
  4. Handy. You can manage the system at your own way. In short, it is flexible which you can set on what the company’s rules when it comes to payroll. You can access to the information anytime you want and anywhere you are.

Above are only the four among the many benefits that online payroll system gives you. You can experience more when you have used the system. Go to Ipay adp login page to view more info about this system.