Login Steps of Marriott Extranet

Marriott International Inc. has created the Marriott Extranet for employees that include the data and information of the company and its affiliates. The website is accessible only to any associates, franchisees and the owners related to the company with their staff.image

To view the information and data, the webpage will require you to enter your valid EID or Enterprise ID and the password. The website is created to provide assistance to partners and employees when it comes to retrieving important information. You can find international partners using this system. There are also separated sections for employees and vendors.

How to Login at Marriott Extranet Login?

  1. Just type on the browser the URL www.4myhr.com. When you are already redirected to the website, make sure to read the disclaimer first.
  2. After reading the disclaimer, you can now enter your own Enterprise ID and password. You can also use the Security Key when you login. For those who are experiencing authentication error using the Security Key, contact the Marriot Systems Support Center with this number, +1 (240) 632-6000.
  3. For those who forgot their ID and password of your 4myhr, just click the link of Help/Support.
  4. After you have entered your account information just click sign in to proceed to your own account.

Features of the System

  1. The Marriott Extranet is the secured system for sharing of files and data between the business, its partners, vendors and the employees.
  2. Partners and vendors are also allowed to download and upload information regarding the company.
  3. There are also packages deals for vacation and hotels which can enjoy to any affiliates of Marriot International Inc.

If you are one of the eligible users of the Employee HR extranet, find more features that you can enjoy now by visiting their website at www.4myhr.com or also in www.4mypdr.com.

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