CorrLinks Inmate Email Program

It is sad to see when your loved one is sent to the prison. It can be sad both of you. CorrLinks aims to lessen that loneliness. This system allows you to send and receive messages from your love ones. All you need to do is get an invitation from the system and register an account.image

This is a program issued by Federal Bureau of Prisons that allows for the inmate to communicate with their friends and family. In this way, even though they cannot visit often, they will have news from home. Visit the website at

How to have your own account in CorrLinks?

  1. If you are given an invitation from the CorrLinks system, there will be a code given too. You need to get the code.
  2. Click the “Register” link you will find at the homepage of and then find and select also “New Users”.
  3. Just input the current email address you are using. Make sure that it is the valid one. Also input the password you want for your account and then the identification number from the invitation email.
  4. The registration is already finished. Just wait for about 30 minutes for you to be approved.

How to receive and email on the system?

  1. Just add the number of inmate in your address book.
  2. Before you can add an inmate, you need the identification code that was sent to you. You can now add the number of inmate in your contact list.
  3. To start with the email, just click the “Mailbox” and then “New Message”. You can now compose your email.
  4. There is an option also to set a message alert when you have new message. Just go to the “Account Management”. Find there the “Manage my inmate list. Just check the “Email Alert.

You can now enjoy emailing your love ones. It will be easy to get in touch with them in case you can’t visit them often. Sign in now using your own corrlinks email login details.

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