Banks Open on Sunday

Are banks open on Sunday? Most of the banks during Sunday are not open. Even though there are lots of outlets open during weekend, banks are like non-retail companies which operates during Monday to Friday but close during weekends. Luckily there are few that are accepted in this rule. Here is a list of the banks open during Sunday:image

  1. Fifth Third Bank (Kroger grocery stores branches only)
  2. Academy Bank Midwest (Walmart Locations 11am – 4pm)
  3. TD Bank
  4. Citizens Bank (grocery store branches only)

Although few banks are open on Sundays, it does not mean people cannot do some basic transactions on this particular day. There are two different options that allow you to do banking even the bank itself is close. There are lots of ATM working which can be scattered in your place of the bank you are currently enrolled. ATM can allow you to do some transactions such as withdrawing money, transferring funds, paying bills and many more. The second option is using the website of the bank for online transactions. You cannot do all types of transactions you want but still you can do the basic banking processes. Bear in mind also that there might be some transactions that won’t reflect immediately. You may have to wait the next business banking day for it to be accounted.

The simple reason why banks are not open on Sundays is because it saves them cost than being open. This is due to the reason that ATM’s and online transaction can do the basic banking processes that most customers want. TD bank offers Sunday services as to differentiate itself from other different banks.

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