Login Steps of Marriott Extranet

Marriott International Inc. has created the Marriott Extranet for employees that include the data and information of the company and its affiliates. The website is accessible only to any associates, franchisees and the owners related to the company with their staff.image

To view the information and data, the webpage will require you to enter your valid EID or Enterprise ID and the password. The website is created to provide assistance to partners and employees when it comes to retrieving important information. You can find international partners using this system. There are also separated sections for employees and vendors.

How to Login at Marriott Extranet Login?

  1. Just type on the browser the URL www.4myhr.com. When you are already redirected to the website, make sure to read the disclaimer first.
  2. After reading the disclaimer, you can now enter your own Enterprise ID and password. You can also use the Security Key when you login. For those who are experiencing authentication error using the Security Key, contact the Marriot Systems Support Center with this number, +1 (240) 632-6000.
  3. For those who forgot their ID and password of your 4myhr, just click the link of Help/Support.
  4. After you have entered your account information just click sign in to proceed to your own account.

Features of the System

  1. The Marriott Extranet is the secured system for sharing of files and data between the business, its partners, vendors and the employees.
  2. Partners and vendors are also allowed to download and upload information regarding the company.
  3. There are also packages deals for vacation and hotels which can enjoy to any affiliates of Marriot International Inc.

If you are one of the eligible users of the Employee HR extranet, find more features that you can enjoy now by visiting their website at www.4myhr.com or also in www.4mypdr.com.

Flight Tracking Services of United Airlines

The United flight status now can be checked online using the website of airlines. This is the new services that airlines offer such as United for a better service to their customers. All you need is to enter your flight information. There are also other special flight tracking services that each member can have. If you want to know what United is offering, you can read the information below.image1

There are different United airlines status update services to keep you up to date with your travel schedules online with United airlines. These services can be subscribed whether via email or SMS. All you need is to subscribe online. If you have other membership account, there are also advantages you can have with this online service from United.

  1. The Flight Status Subscription. It is one of the update that United airline offers for those members with a Mileage Plus account. It will notify you every time you have booked flights whether is it on time, cancelled or delayed. You can also use this service to check in online and print your boarding pass.
  2. The Flight Update Status. This service will help you notify when your flight is delayed more than 20 minutes or there are any changes on your flight status. To use this service, you must have your own valid email address used upon reservation of your flight ticket online.
  3. Current Flight Status. This service is available when you want to know the current status of your flight days before the time. Just enter the flight information on the website and you will immediately get an update.
  4. Flight Reminders. This service will notify passengers every hour about their flight departure and arrival time.
  5. Today’s Operation. It is a service where you can find the weather summary of today and the flights affecting the weather of United flights.

Visit now the website to keep update of your United airlines flight status.

How to Contact Customer Care of Sprint?

If you are having a problem with your sprint account, the first thing you will look for help is the Sprint customer service. But it is not advisable for those who don’t have the patient to wait on the phone line because you will be interacting first with the machine before you can actually talk to a real person.image1

But if you are willing to wait, here is the steps on how to contact a customer service of sprint:

How to Get Help in Sprint?

  1. Make sure you get ready with your phone to contact the Sprint customer service number.
  2. In your dial pad just enter the number 888-226-7212.
  3. You can also dial the number +1 888-211-4727.
  4. If there is no customer service or any person available that you can talk, you can try this number too, 800-877-4020.
  5. If you are now connected on any number, just follow the voice commands you here and press any button that you desire on your dial pad.

Other Types of Customer Care Services:

  1. You can use Sprint email for messaging them of your other concerns. This is if you want to avoid the hassle in waiting on the phone. Just write the message of your concerns, send it to the support center and it will be answered immediately.
  2. There are also various social media platforms that you can contact such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Sprint Corp and as well as the Sprint Newsroom. Here you can find answers to your inquiry.
  3. There is also a Sprint Chat Customer Service. This is the quickest way for someone to access you in case you are having trouble with your device. The technician will help you as much as possible from what you are currently experiencing. Just visit their website and look for the Live Chat icon.

Accessing WalmartOne Tips

Employees of Walmart can access any work related information online which is known as Walmart Associate. The information consists of benefits info, monthly pay slips, work schedules, forums and other forms of communication within the company. The company uses the portal WalmartOne and as well as the MyWalmart. For employees, accessing the website is very easy. All you need to have is your own login info. How to access the website? Read the info below:image1

What you need to access the Walmart Associates using Walmart One or MyWalmart portal?

  1. The first thing you need to have is an internet connection when you want to access online the Walmart Associate and computer.
  2. Accessing general information does not really need logging into the system. Having an internet connection is an essential.
  3. But if you are interested in the private information such as your employee details, pay stubs, company benefits, work schedules and many more, you need to obtain your own account. You need login ID and password.

What can you access on the portal?

There are different menus you can access online. There are menus that do not need for you to login and have an account. There are also those that need WalmartOne login information.

  1. The “Company & Community”, “News & Stories”, “Education & Careers” and “Health” are menus that do not need for you to login.
  2. For you to access “Work”, “Money” and “Conversations”, when you click any of the menus, you will be taken to the login page for you to enter your own login ID and password.

For more information, visit www.associateportallogin.org. Just click the link.

JCPenney Employee Kiosk Benefits

If you want an easy route to the HR department, JCPenney Employee Kiosk is the solution. You can visit their website at www.jcpassociates.com. It is used by different stores nationwide and as well as companies such ATT and Wal-Mart. If you want convenience in managing your employees, this is the solution. So what are the benefits in using the program?jp

  1. It is widely used by employees of not only from JCPenney but as well as from Wal-Mart and ATT to view their shift schedules, company benefits and application for transfer.
  2. It is the best route to check their own HR. The system is equipped with updates and announcement boards for employees that are located in different area and stores. It helps every employee to view their current status in the company.
  3. The platform is the solution to the problems of many employees. The recent tweets, post and news can be accessed by the employees. This technology helps them to do their best at work.
  4. It also meets the HR needs because it also has marketing and advertise guides. It hastens the delivery of HR services and enhance the functions of management.
  5. The system also contains the medical appointments, sick leave and other attendance issues of the employees. In short, it deals with the basic concerns of Human relations.
  6. JCPenney Employee Kiosk is maximized when you are employee of the company. This is because they offer discounts to online shopping.
  7. It is also beneficial to the company because it reduces the HR operational expenses and that the system is the direct link between JCPenney and the staff.

For those who have their own account, go to Employee portal of the website now and login your account.

Registration Steps for Your Gift Card

Do you have a visa gift card? If you want to manage your card well, you can register your gift card. In this way, you can easily reload your account or check gift card balance any time you want. The registration steps are just very easy. But if you are those who are not a computer wizard, here are the steps on how to register your gift card online.

  • First step is to go to their webpage at Mygiftcardsite.com. When you are directed to the homepage on the website, you will notice on the page in the upper element the “Manage your gift card”. Under that title, you will note a pair of text field that you have to fill out together with your account information.image3
  • Along with the login system box, you can find the card number and security text field. Don’t trouble yourself in putting in that details as the website is safe and secured.
  • Just key in your card number and code on the area given. You could find your card number at the front of the card.
  • Once you are done answering the card information, just go to the next step shown in the web page. Make sure to fill in the details inquired in the
  • Ensure that you don’t contain a pop-up blocker within the browser you are employing. You will encounter additional information essential to you that will only display on a pop-up page. This is why investigate first your web browser and make sure pop-ups are not
  • Lastly when you’re successfully done registering, you can now maintain your account. You may either see the balance everywhere you need.

There are also other gift cards that you can use only on specific store such as Starbucks gift card. You can also check
online. Just register the card in the same website.

How to Download Kik?

Before you can start using Kik messenger, you need to download it first on your device. It is among the messenger that mobile users can use to allow them to chat with their friends and families. There are features that the app offers to the users such as sending and receiving photos, memes, sketch and Youtube videos. All yu need is to obtain your own Kik login details. So, if you are planning to use this app, you can read the following guide below on how to download it.image

  1. First, you must go to your app store. For android users, look for your Google Play Store. For apple users, look for Apple store in your device.
  2. Once you have found the app, just tap it to open. After that, search for Kik online app in the app.
  3. Select the first one you can see presented on the list by clicking it.
  4. When you are on the “Kik” page, just click Install button.
  5. If you are using Apple Store, you might need to enter your username and password to confirm your download. If you still don’t have one, it is better to sign up first at the Apple website.
  6. Just click “Accept” for android users and then the application will download immediately.
  7. Just wait before the installation is complete to use the app.

But before you can download the application, make sure you meet the system requirement. There may be devices that will not support this application. Be sure to check the requirements below before following the steps above.

  1. Your device OS must be Android 2.2 or iOS 7 and up.
  2. Your memory must have at least 3.5MB free of space.
  3. You need an internet connection such as Wifi or Data plan.

If you want to know more about “What is Kik”, just visit the link for further details.