Buying Online with Vanilla Visa Gift Card

imageYou can use Vanilla Visa gift card as a form of payment when you want to buy or shop something. It is a debit card under Visa which is accepted in almost all stores at US and District Columbia. Many people use this card as form of gift, especially if they do not know what to give to the people. Fortunately, you can use Vanilla Visa gift card to shop online but only limited to website that registered in US and District Columbia only. You can go online and register your card so you can check your Vanilla Visa Gift Card Balance. How you can use the card online? Here are the steps that can help you.

  1. An individual have to confirm the balance in the card by going to the Vanilla Visa website at Make sure you input in the exclusive number, expiration date along with CVV three digit combination of the card. It will be found at the rear of the card quickly after the signature.
  2. When you immediately knew the balance, it’s important to set up a account also the card online. In doing this, you can also make a web-based transaction with the card. Proceed within the website posted at the back part.
  3.  Any time you’re on the web site, you’re going to go into the card account number along with zip code of your place. This is for safety cause of one’s purchase payment.
  4. Head to the website for which you want to purchase a product. Purchase the merchandise you desire to purchase and next just go to the transaction webpage of the website. You will have to enter the account number of the gift card you posses on the text field provided. It’s best to offer as well other private data expected within you.

It is better to register your Vanilla Visa Gift Card so that when it is stolen or lost you can replace it immediately. Just follow the steps above if you want to shop online.