Facts About Bank Of America

imageThere are many things that people consider when it comes to choosing a bank. Among the top reasons is the location. People often choose the nearest bank on their place so they can reach it immediately. Most people consider the nearest branch of ARM machines which they can withdraw money. That is why the Bank of America is among the chosen bank when it comes to financial institution. The bank has about 6,000 branches in 150 countries. It is among the largest bank in United States that is why it is trusted and chosen by many. You can read more information here at www.bankoacom.org about the bank.

Brief History

It was year 1904 that the bank began by Amadeo Giannini an Italian American which founded “Bank of Italy” in San Francisco. The bank provided the services of loans to middle class citizens of America, immigrants and other people who are denied of the services from other major banks on that time. Soon the bank was renamed as “Bank of America”. Then expansion, branch openings and acquisitions happened.

Strengths of the Bank

The remarkable thing about the bank is the ability to handle PR problems quickly. The new services are targeted to the customers directly. They are brilliant when it comes to marketing campaigns. The services like “Keep the change” keeps the clients at ease on banking. The bank has created its own website where clients can navigate easily and manage their own investments, mortgage, money and many more. The website link of the bank is www.bankofamerica.com. You can send money anytime and anywhere with just few buttons clicked and information of the route.

The clients can select online features that will help them and avoid calling customer services. You can always email the bank through your account if you have any inquiries or problems.

Why the Bank is worth it?

Though they have many products through the online website, they can do the choosing easily and even offers information about the products. Just stick to the basic services and you will get the answer if it’s worth it. You can read more post page about how to enrol online account or open an account with this bank.