Using Macy’s Insite

There are ways where employees can get help when it comes to managing the benefits and view their pay checks online. This is through a website called Macy’s insite. If you already have an account, you can login to the official website portal to access easy the online site. This site is owned and designed by Macy’s Inc. for the purpose of helping the employees where they can search company connections. It is advised to access the website with Internet Explorer v7, Microsoft Firefox v3, Mac OS X10.2x, Adobe Reader v7 or higher versions of any browser.Employees

How to make your own account at Macy’s insite?

If you are interested on applying for this website, you can apply with security. All you need is to provide the essential information to validate your identity. After you successfully registered, you can now have your own employee connection. Here are the registration steps:

  1. Navigate your way at . So you can view the schedule listed.
  2. You will be asked to login to the site.
  3. Just enter your employee Id and your password. Then, click the “sign in” button.
  4. In case you are not still enrolled, just click the link that says new user. You can locate is below the sign in form fields.
  5. On the registration page, enter your SSS card number.
  6. Put also your employee ID which is about 8 digits.
  7. Then, provide your date of birth and the digit of your home zip code.
  8. Enter your Mother maiden name.
  9. Then, hit the “sign in” button.
  10. The next page you will be required to input your desired password.
  11. Wait for the confirmation. After it appeared, your account now is created.

You have to fill out the registration page honestly. It must match the information you have given on your employee file. If put an invalid info, your account will be locked after five times of attempts. Look for more details in this blog page.