Three Types of Federal Financial Aid

You can find many financial aids when you are having a hard time paying for your college tuition. But a student must be wise where to ask for help. Though there are many private lenders who are willing to do the deed but you may end up drowning with debts.  That is why federal student aid is what most expert advice to students. Read some facts here at This help is given to eligible college students who needs help and can choose from three types of financial aid which are the loans, grants and work-study. The financial aid included the non-Federal and Federal aids which can support the cost of education.

imageThere are three student aid types. Apply for fafsa will determine which fits you.

  1. Federal Loans. The Department of Education in USA offers the eligible students who are active in Direct Subsidized Loans and Direct Unsubsidized Loans. The loan is different from those who are offered in private lenders. The loan is base on income repayment plans and fixed interests. The Federal Loan is cheaper than private loan.
  2. Federal Grants. This is an award that assists students that varies in amount and the legal requirements given. This does not require repayment. The awards and grants only offered to high school graduates and undergraduates who have low income or could not afford college expenses.
  3. Federal Work-Study. The program offers part-time work to those students who are willing to work while studying. The employment offered is based on what each individual chosen field.

These are the three types of aids that the government offered to help individual achieve their dreams. Now that you have known the three help you can have, it’s the time where you have to research the first step on how to get one from above. Be guided through doing your homework. Take a look here at

How to Open Scottrade Account?

imageBrokers now are also now in online. There are a lot of choices but only few who can meet all the needs of investors. Due to the bountiful online brokers, one may find it hard to choose who’s the best. The ideal way to handle this situation is to do your homework and research for all the potential online brokers that will meet your financial capability. One of the leading online brokers is the Scottrade. This is the first discounted broker in United States owned by Rodger Riney.  This post will teach you everything about this company.

Scottrade had been famous and that is why you might hear about them in your friend or family. There are now over 100 companies all over United States. In this way, the online broker becomes the largest branch of network in this industry. If you are interested in this company, it’s very easy to avail an account with Scottrade. Here is how the process works:

  1. Type in their website on your browser,
  2. Find the link that says “Open your Scottrade account” and click it.
  3. Fill out the application form online with all the information needed.
  4. Then, you have to fund your account using the ACH, account transfer, check or wire transfer.
  5. Now, build your account portfolio.
  6. Lastly, you have to read the account agreement. If you agree, print and sign it.

Now you have your own Scottrade account. You can now see if this online broker is for you. There are many best things about this company; has the lowest rate fee and lowest opening deposit. You can also count on their customer service if you have questions. There are more to find out about Scottrade. All you have to do is know the pros and cons of the service. These details will help you decide about the company.