Steps on Changing Your Facebook Email ID

You have decided to change your Gmail email address on Facebook but do not know the process. Eventually, if you are not a computer savvy, this is one of the hard task you can encounter. But do not worry because fortunately, this process is easier than you ever think. No matter what your reason of changing gmail login info on Facebook, do not be afraid to try.  You are lucky because in this article, you will be taught of the process so you can navigate your way easily on Facebook and then change to your desired email address.

  1. At the top right part of your Facebook account, there is a dropdown menu when you click the arrow. Click and then choose the Account Settings.
  2. When you are redirected on the page, click the “Edit” link after your email address.
  3. Then, click the Add another email link to add an email address you desired.
  4. Type the new gmail login email ID you have choosen on the textfield and then click the “Save Changes button.
  5. You are then going to enter your password for the security reasons.
  6. Wait for the notification to be emailed to you to confirm that you have made the changes. It will be sent to your new email ID.
  7. Now you will be able to login on your new confirmed email address.

These are the easy steps. It’s not really hard when you just follow the instructions carefully.  But remember these two important things about the changes you made. First, you can login any of the email addresses associated on your account. So, do not be shocked when you entered the old one because you are used to typing it. If you have trouble accessing your account, do not create another one. It is a violation of the Terms of Use in Facebook.